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Did you see those eyebrows? Dream-Rachel's in 'Bombshells', I mean. In the second dream, the fifties one, they were so pronounced that it couldn't have been happenstance or a bad glitch by make-up. Didn't remind me of Cuddy's. Not surprising, since she isn't her biological child, but in a dream like that where Cuddy's wishes and fears are portrayed, and not reality, Rachel's appearance has to mean something. Another thing I noticed was Wilson's presence in both family life dreams. The first time was explicable - would House try to raise Rachel without making Wilson take the brunt of the labour? But the second time - the delivery guy? Talking of Wilson, did you ever notice his eyebrows? Quite.Read more... )
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Since we've reached the halfway mark, I've decided to summarise what I liked and disliked so far this season. If you feel so inclined, tell me what you liked/disliked, your favourite scenes,etc.Read more... )
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Remember Steve McQueen, the rat in 'Hunting' whom House catches for Stacy and whom he keeps as a pet? Suppose he were really an animagus who decides after due consideration of House's pet-keeping abilities to change back to his human form, which is that of a child somewhere between the ages of one and ten. (I'm trying to create a credible scenario for House to have a kid. If you don't like my scenario, choose your own from the plethora of kid-fics at the Pit.) Read more... )
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