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Title: Six-Day Marriage
Characters/Pairings: Cuddy/House
Note: Missing scene for Small Sacrifices, S7.
Warning: Angsty; sensitive issues.
Summary: Cuddy remembers her short, disastrous marriage.
Word count: 600 (100 per day of the marriage)

He's really clueless. He's not being wilfully cruel; he's just playing his juvenile games, unwittingly hurting her as he has never hurt her before.  )

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A/N: We come to the end of the ride. I thank everyone who came along.

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 Author's Note: This is a continuation of When the Wind is Southerly: Season 6, so if you haven't read that you will probably need to start there. 
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I can't say that I was wildly excited by this episode.  Like many earlier episodes of the season it was like a piece of a mosaic, confusing unless one has enough to see the whole picture. That was the feeling many of the Huddy-centric episodes gave me; now House's reaction to the break-up is being served in small chunks, so I'll reserve judgment until I have the larger picture.Read more... )
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It's back to business, House-style, and it's great. If 'Bombshells' left me shell-shocked, 'Out of the Chute' left me elated. Perhaps I should try for a tad more empathy and a sprinkling of gut-wrenching sorrow that our hero is on a bender, but hey, we did that last week so our period of quarantine is over and we are free to rejoice in his misery. Read more... )
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 A/N: A little drabble on the adjustments Wilson has to make after the House-Cuddy break-up. Post 'Bombshells', slightly dark Wilson. Possible spoilers for future episodes.Read more... )
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Did you see those eyebrows? Dream-Rachel's in 'Bombshells', I mean. In the second dream, the fifties one, they were so pronounced that it couldn't have been happenstance or a bad glitch by make-up. Didn't remind me of Cuddy's. Not surprising, since she isn't her biological child, but in a dream like that where Cuddy's wishes and fears are portrayed, and not reality, Rachel's appearance has to mean something. Another thing I noticed was Wilson's presence in both family life dreams. The first time was explicable - would House try to raise Rachel without making Wilson take the brunt of the labour? But the second time - the delivery guy? Talking of Wilson, did you ever notice his eyebrows? Quite.Read more... )
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Now that was - surprising. I admit I hadn't reckoned with that. I was depressed after that, but that is, to be honest, usually a sign of a good House episode. House isn't supposed to make us feel all fuzzy inside, it's meant to make us think. This episode certainly did so to me.Read more... )
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 It seems that the thread winding its way through the season is the one that ties together lies and truth. If previous episodes were mainly about when to lie, this one was about when to tell the truth. At some point the patient tells his wife the truth, Foreman's tough love can't remain silent, Masters calls Chase on his behaviour and House ... chickens out. But no matter, for Cuddy is no idiot and knows the truth anyway.Read more... )
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There's good Huddy and there's bad Huddy, just like there's good Hilson and bad Hilson. Good Huddy/Hilson is when we see how the relationship affects House's medicine. Examples of that are 'Family Practice' and 'Wilson's Heart' respectively. Bad Huddy is when we are shown how the relationship affects House. That's called family drama, not medical drama, and calling a show 'House MD' sort of implies that we'll get the latter, not the former.Read more... )
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 Karma works. I write nice things about an episode and nice things happen to me: I get a Wilson-heavy episode with only a little bit of Cuddy (angst-free Huddy at that), a suitably evil House and a patient that I find interesting. From now on I'll only write nice things and send David Shore a virtual Italian coffee machine ....Read more... )
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Since we've reached the halfway mark, I've decided to summarise what I liked and disliked so far this season. If you feel so inclined, tell me what you liked/disliked, your favourite scenes,etc.Read more... )


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