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Title: Chimera
Author: readingrat
Length: about 124,000 words, 21 chapters
Genre: friendship, family, angst
Rating: teen
Summary: Third fic in the Kelpie AU, sequel to The Cuckoo. Wilson may have survived his bout with cancer by way of half a liver from Cuddy and House's medical genius, but he knows there's a good chance his reprieve won't last forever, so he is determined to make proper arrangements for his son's future. He doesn't count on House's unexpected interest in the proceedings.
Characters: House, Cuddy, Wilson, Rachel Cuddy, Joel Wilson, Nolan, OCs.
Pairings: House/Cuddy
Disclaimer: The characters, other than the OCs, belong to Fox TV, David Shore, or whoever.
Beta: The indefatigable [ profile] menolly_au.
Warning: If you haven’t read The Kelpie and The Cuckoo, this fic will be incomprehensible! For those of you who have read The Kelpie, but can’t recall any details, I’ve posted a short summary here. A short summary of The Cuckoo is here. (If you haven't read them, even the summaries will be incomprehensible -- trust me on this!)
Further Warning:
The good news: I've completed the entire fic; it just needs to be beta'ed and revised. So, it'll definitely all get posted, probably at the rate of one chapter per week.
The bad news: There's no sense in giving me advice on how I should be writing it or in complaining about where it's going. Now that I've finally completed it I'm not going to change anything of relevance. This fic will end with the pairing House/Cuddy. If you are a fan of that pairing, don't despair: we'll get there sooner or later. If you hate that pairing, don't despair either. I'll tell you where to stop reading so that the fic is open-ended.
This fic is dedicated to the marvellous Menolly, who consented to beta over 100 k with such alacrity and enthusiasm that one would have thought I was doing her a favour, not vice versa. Without her, I probably wouldn't have completed it.
Author's Note
Because of the length of this fic, I'm posting a chapter index below to facilitate navigation. It's possible that there'll be functioning links from chapter to chapter, but then again, maybe not. In any case, you'll be able to get to individual chapters by returning here and clicking on the links below. As soon as a chapter is posted, the corresponding link will be activated.

Chapter  1: House Invades Paris
Chapter  2: Sightseeing
Chapter  3: Wilson Confounded
Chapter  4: Suburban Arcadia
Chapter  5: Outed!
Chapter  6: After Midnight, ...
Chapter  7: Rachel Home Alone
Chapter  8: Fraternising With the Enemy
Chapter  9: Reorientation
Chapter 10: Boredom and Babysitting
Chapter 11: Brookline, Boston
Chapter 12: Acclimatisation and Aggravation
Chapter 13: The Piano
Chapter 14: The Return of the Father
Chapter 15: Wilson's Plan C
Chapter 16: All's Well That Ends ...
Chapter 17: Cuddy's Calamity
Chapter 18: Playmates
Chapter 19: Attribution Issues
Chapter 20: Merriment in Mayfield
Chapter 21: Aftermath


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