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The Cuckoo is set in an AU that diverges from canon at the end of S7. It is the sequel to The Kelpie. There's a summary of The Kelpie here, but I must warn you that both summaries are unintelligible unless you've read the fics. They aren't meant to replace the fics, they are meant to refresh your memory if it's been a while since you read them.

While visiting House in England, Wilson is diagnosed with thymoma. Devastated not only by the diagnosis, but also by House’s seeming indifference, Wilson relapses on the return flight to the US, stops taking his medication, and loses the energy to deal with his tumour. When Cuddy realises that something is wrong, she bullies House into dealing with Wilson. House, though initially reluctant to get involved, soon throws himself into the matter with all his heart, but Wilson remains adamant about refusing treatment, saying that he has nothing to live for. His involvement with a young lab technician at his workplace, however, gives House an idea.

The road trip that House and Wilson embark on is cut short when Wilson receives the news that the lab technician is pregnant. Cuddy and House manage to persuade Wilson that it’s his duty to try to stay alive for his unborn child’s sake, but by this time Wilson’s thymoma is so far advanced that standard treatment isn’t an option anymore. Wilson finally agrees to an experimental chemo home treatment of House’s devising, which shrinks the tumour, but unfortunately trashes Wilson’s liver. House, anticipating this development — he secretly increased the chemo dosage so as to be sure to nuke the tumour —, drugs Wilson and gets him into hospital to await a liver transplant. Since Wilson isn’t a suitable candidate for the transplant list, House persuades Cuddy to become a live donor. Wilson survives the chemo and the transplant by the skin of his teeth, and though displeased with House’s methods, is grateful that he’ll be alive to witness his son’s birth.

A few months after the birth of Wilson’s son Joel, Joel’s mother, claiming that she was manipulated into having the child, decides to give Wilson physical custody of the boy. Cuddy, sensing that something is off, subjects House to an interrogation during which he admits that the boy isn’t really Wilson’s son. The fic concludes with House promising to enlighten Wilson the next time he visits the United States.


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